Our Philosophy

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I Kancho Bijan Fard when I wear my karat Gi I feel that I can fly electrification go through my body and move around me have uncanny powers, I can receive the spiritual power commander connection for my ability to connect my own biology to an infinite Source of energy than my athletic prowess.

First of all learn how to cultivate yourself in kyokushin Ryu karate Nichi after that you can spread the path to self-cultivation.

If you have to fighting your attack should be sociological and powerful like wild animal Attacks.

We can always fight nature, breeding is natural let do this important part of our machine body his own work.

Be mentally strong, keep smiling and be yourself.

Life is a journey and becoming better every day is the goal.

We aim to distinguish ourselves through our kyokushin ryu karate culture and our philosophy.

Trust keeps things simple and efficient and is the basis of any longstanding relationship.

Be unique, be original, be yourself but care for the others in the world.

Never give up under any circumstances should be the motto of our life.

With Sosai Mas Oyama training methods you don’t just shine you illuminate.

Everywhere you go always take the piece with you.

How to deal with uncomfortable feelings and how we can create this to positive feeling , Our power comes from realizing so you have to realize that you have just one life you have to enjoy it and you have to be yourself.